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Hada de los dientes

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Versión en inglés de DIENTE DE LECHE con el Hada de los Dientes en lugar del Ratón Pérez

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The tooth moved from one side to the other. He swung, looked down and trembled with fear. He didn’t want to fall out.

- Come on, tooth! –said Elena–. Come out! I want the Tooth Fairy to get here!

- What a rude girl! –thought the tooth–. She yells at me but doesn’t even know my name! I am the Lateral Incisor; I’m just between your central incisors and your right canine.
The tooth made an effort to explain that to Elena, but she wouldn’t listen to him. She only felt the tooth moving.

- Lunch is ready! –called Mom from the kitchen and the tooth felt sick because he knew the girl would chew up as much as she could just to make him fall out.

Each and every noon, when Elena sat at the table, the poor incisor got nervous. He tried to calm down and be as strong and sharp as a knife, but then came the soup making him sweat from crown to root, getting all his body wet. The tooth didn´t feel too sharp. In fact, it felt as fragile as jelly.

To make things worse, meat came after that embracing him with its threads and pulling him downwards. There, the tongue was waiting for him with a sea of saliva, heading right to the throat.

- I don’t want to fall out! Elena will swallow me and I’m gonna end up in her stomach! –cried the tooth.

The right canine, that could not help listening to all his crying, decided to comfort him:

- All the milk teeth will have to come out some day and when that happens, Elena won’t swallow you. She will surely place you under her pillow so the Tooth Fairy picks you up –said the right canine calmly.

- What if I get hurt when I come out? Suppose I crash against the lower canine and split myself into pieces?

- The Tooth Fairy can fix you up and put all your pieces together, you’ll feel good as new. Well, not exactly as good as new. That’s because we, milk teeth, have to fall out when we get a bit older –continued the canine. Right after that, he added firmly: -But you shouldn’t be thinkingthe Fairy is going to leave you! No, no! No way! On the contrary, the fairy will pick you up at night and fly you to her lab, where a team of a thousand fairies work day and night, twenty-four / seven, polishing teeth up bright enough to turn them into pearls.

- Who told you that? Have you ever met a tooth that has turned into a pearl? –asked the curious incisor.

- Nobody told him anything! The canine makes up that story so we don’t get scared! –interrupted the Big Front Tooth. The Big Front Tooth called herself Central Right Incisor just to make clear her difference with the left incisor, whom she hadn’t spoken to since the time they bit their last biscuit. According to her story, her mate had taken a bigger piece of the biscuit.

The Big Front Tooth confessed to her neighbour that she also feared the idea of coming out, and that watching him wobbling made her sad.

- I like being next to you –she whispered–. You share the cookies; you´re so sweet to me.

By that moment, the incisor was red as a peach, although perhaps not as red as those tomatoes you can buy at the grocery shop around the corner.

- Anyway, you´re gonna come out! –exclaimed the canine jealously at the very moment that Elena started drinking her hot noodle soup.

- What if I ask the tongue to get a little bit higher so as to take me gently closer to Elena’s lips? –the incisor said, continuing to formulate possible solutions to his drama, soaked in the broth and with a noodle around him, just like a long yellow scarf.

- Just a single blow would be enough to send me right to the top of the dining-table, so Elena’s mom and dad could see me, wash me and take care of me until The Tooth Fairy takes me to her lab.

- Oh, boy! You want a red carpet, as well?! A spa day and a warm bed? Anything else?! –grunted the canine, a bit tired of the incisor’s pretentions.

- Do I ask too much? –the incisor exclaimed angrily.

- Yes! Too much for a simple and plain tooth!

- A simple tooth?! I’m the one who deals with the apple’s skin, ripping it when Elena has it in pieces. I’m the one who faces those sticky sugary candies that you can’t even chew up! I’m the one who…

- Hold your horses, cowboy! -interrupted the Big Front Tooth once again-. I’ve got some news for you! It happens to be my time to come out!

- What? You TOO? What are you gonna do? –asked the incisor worriedly.

- Easy, I’ll jump and you´re gonna come with me.

At the next moment, the front tooth started swinging and knocked the incisor with her movement. Both of them, big front tooth and incisor, fell on top of the tongue, who notified the lips about the situation. The lips, in their turn, left the teeth at the edge of Elena’s plate. The girl was amazed at the image! It was the first time two teeth had come out together, at the same time!

- They came out, they came out! –she exclaimed with enthusiasm, raising the spoon with her right hand, as a trophy.

The big front tooth and the incisor looked at her from the plate. A bath in the bathroom sink was ready for them and, after that, Elena’s soft and warm pillow.

Autor: Darío Nudler. Todos los derechos reservados.

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